A Unique Approach to Mind, Body & Spirit Balance

In Traditional Chinese Medicine each body holds the key to its own energy healing. We offer energy clearing and tonification sessions, resources, and tools that support unlocking the innate potential each of us holds inside.

The Custom workshops offered support you to Re-awaken and Re-activate your Natural Energy Medicine! They’re designed to help you manage your stress, to understand your energy and how to replenish it so that you Feel Better, Function Better, and make better choices that support your optimal Well-being.

We work to create a safe, nonjudgmental, compassionate, and sacred environment for you to discover what will help you lead a happier more relaxed life. The tools you learn can support you for your lifetime through a simple daily practice!

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Energy YOU 101 Workshop

Personal Energy Awareness to Live Well!

This workshop is designed to help you get started on your self-discovery energy journey to learn about YOU as energy, and how knowing this information benefits your life. Learn to understand your energy to manage your stress, sleep sounder, and re-energize your life to feel better and have more fun to enjoy your life!

Clear Lifestyle Energy Healing Workshop

Natural Healing, your body already knows what it needs;
learn how Clear Lifestyle Energy Healing nourishes your Whole Being, Mind, Body & Spirit!

Holistic self-care is a broad range of practices based on generations of traditions. Lighten Up, have FUN, and Discover ways to nourish all of YOU! This is a personal, self discovery journey, to learn about Food and Nourishment as Medicine, your Biological Uniqueness, and the importance of eating and living by the cycles and season of Nature.

Coming soon;

Golden Elixir Mysteries School

Pathway to Your Internal Priestess

In October 2019 the Golden Elixir Mysteries School was founded by Paula Branton, High Priestess, to continue the lineage of Nicole Christine’s Magdalene Mysteries, Lisa Michaels, Susan Kersey, Bonnie Salamon and Judy Keating, through Priestess awakening. As a Priestess Facilitator, Paula holds sacred space and guidance to support you through this nine month self discovery journey to remember your pathway to your internal Priestess. These powerful programs offer you an opportunity to release all you do not need, forgive yourself and others, and to realign with your true inner knowing energy essence and light which is Love. An interview is required prior to taking this course; if this resonates with you, click the Contact button below to setup your interview and to find out the start date.

Seasonal Elemental Dance Event

Dance with the Elements to Integrate your Dreams!

Our Ancestors danced to celebrate the seasons and rights’ of passages for themselves. We come together in honor of our ancestors and celebrate during the Equinoxes and Solstices. Get your dancing shawls and frilly skirts ready. Join us to Celebrate Community and Fun! Dance like nobody is watching from the privacy of your home. This event is hosted by Paula Branton, Energy Evolution Life Specialist and Sassy Sexy Wise Woman Dance Facilitator.

Medical Qigong, Chakra Clearing & Reiki Sessions

Natural Energy Clearing

Medical Qigong, Reiki and Chakra Clearing, are energy techniques based on the principle of free and un-interrupted energy flow that helps activate the natural healing processes in your body, as well as to restore and balance physical and emotional well-being. Sessions include consultation assessment, energy clearing, tonification and balancing. We tailor Qigong movements to work on your specific goals and needs.

Coming soon when Covid-19 immunity is better and there are standard treatments.

Qigong Movement Classes

Balance Your Chi

Qigong means; (Qi) Energy and (Gong) Work; energy work with cultivation over time. With Qigong practice, students claim to feel relaxed and renewed after each session. We’re trained in a variety of techniques; we love showing students how just a few classes can make an enormous difference in how they feel. We honestly believe Qigong may turn out to be the best preventative self-care for our future.

Coming soon when Covid-19 immunity is better and there are standard treatments.

Refund Policy

Bear Mountain Qigong Farmacy LLC wants our clients to be happy so we are transparent about our refund policy and the way we run our business. We do not make claims or guarantee results. We introduce our clients to alternative modalities for their exploration such as Breathing Techniques, Qigong and self-care practices. We offer Custom, Confidential; Copyright materials. There are no Refunds after a workshop, class, event, or session starts. We appreciate your co-operation and understanding. Client Satisfaction is our Goal. If you have any questions contact us, we are happy to assist you!