From the beginning of planning our business, we knew that giving back to the community would be an essential part. We choose to support the following non-profit 501c3 organizations that positively impact our community. As a small business, our donations are small, however, we hope to inspire others to do the same; every little bit helps. Our donations are being made in Memory of our son Matthew and in Honor of our son Daniel.

Their websites are listed below for those who would like to donate and lend their support;
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta –
C.A.R.E.S –

Short story; one day our son Matthew came home with a puppy; I asked him what dog breed it was. He informed me it was a pit bull. I told him I had heard bad things about their breed. He convinced me bad owners were the problem and not the breed. The owners trained the parent dogs (Sampson and Delilah) and took extremely good care of them. My youngest son Daniel went with Matthew to the owners and picked an additional puppy for himself. We ended up with two pit bull puppies, which turned out to be an incredible experience for our family. Our dogs were a part of our family, not just pets. Matthew’s dog Alaster crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2006. Daniel’s dog Ifirit crossed the rainbow bridge on September 11, 2015. Our dogs did way more for us than we could have ever done for them. Ifirit was a beautiful pit bull, see her picture below.

In memory of Ifirit Louise Branton.


In 2012 Daniel went to Pet Smart to get fish food; they had animal adoptions at the entrance that day. He asked the adoption lady to walk a dog barking in a cage; she told him the dog was a last chance rescue because no one wanted to adopt her; she was part pit bull. Daniel had experience with pit bulls and asked to walk her. He went home with fish food and Denali Ann; she hit the lottery that day! The truth is we hit the lottery! Denali Ann crossed the rainbow bridge on February 22, 2024, she was precious and we loved her very much! See Denali’s picture below:

In memory of Denali Ann Branton.

Denali Ann

Please consider adopting a pet if you want to add a fur baby to your family. There are so many animals that need a loving forever home.