Paula’s Energy Evolution Journey


Since 2003, Paula embarked on a spiritual, inner healing & energy transformation journey to reclaim her identity, resurrect her heart, and reclaim her zest and joy for life.

Her proudest moments are being a mom to her two sons, Matthew and Daniel, and overcoming emotional challenges to become an Energy Evolution Life Special of her life. Her boys taught her to never give up, make life an adventure, and that being outside in nature is the best place to be. She always felt a protective presence and believed that life’s hurdles would eventually work out. However, in 2003, everything changed. Her oldest son Matthew at age 22, passed away in an auto accident, her 30 year marriage ended, she left her 22 year career as a medical office manager and took a job at a construction company where she could wear blue jeans and a T-shirt, and she moved from their home her family built together, to a small mountain community with no familiar faces; all in the same year.

Her heart broke, and she felt emotionally numb. She was stressed, exhausted, and lost her sense of who she was. Paula’s belief that things would work out were shaken. This marked the beginning of her journey through the most difficult time in her life.

During this challenging time, she wrote a short E-book called ‘Energetic Life after Emotional Death,’ recounting her experience. Emotional death might sound intense, but it’s relatable for those who’ve suffered heartbreak, like losing a child. Her intention with this E-book is to show how she revived her heart and rebuilt her life, offering inspiration to women that a brighter day is possible. Click the Subscribe to Stress Relief Updates Button below to access her E-book.

In 2008, trauma struck again when her ex-husband became quadriplegic from an ATV accident; she became his caregiver in 2009. Paula shares methods to handle stress and emotional turmoil leading to a less stressful, more energetic life filled with joy.

Paula offers practical solutions and resources that aid her in managing stress, emotions, and doubling her energy. The energy tools she’s cultivated and developed bring her inner calm, happiness, more energy, and peace through simple daily practices. They worked for her, so she’s confident they can work for you too.

She desires to empower women to understand their gifts and overall energy, how to manage it, to explore their energy-healing potential, and understand the power of their mind, breath, and body.

You’re invited to explore the solutions that ignited her healing journey and the resources that guided her from stress to serenity, from fractured to whole, from joyless to joyous. Paula’s on a mission to guide those ready to understand their true self better and enhance their life. You, too, can evolve into an Energy Specialist to create a life you love. If her story resonates with you, the time is now. Start your journey today.

A personal note from Paula follows:

There is always light, even during the dark night of the soul experiences. My passion is to support you to see your light,
feel the warmth of it, and turn it up to shine as bright and brilliant as you are!

Abundant Love, Joy, and Peaceful Qi,
Paula Branton MQP, CLC, INHC, IIQTC-L2T
Medical Qigong Circle of Life Holistic Wellness Coach
Inner Calm & Energy Rejuvenation Facilitator
Priestess Qigong Tai Chi Easy Alchemist
Energy Evolution Life Specialist
Holistic Medicine Womb-Creatrix High Priestess
Golden Elixir Goddess Mysteries School Founder
E-Book Author

Specializing in:
Caregiver Inner Calm & Energy Rejuvenation Stress Relief Management

Signature Programs:
YOUniversal Clear Lifestyle Inner Calm & Energy Rejuvenation Blueprint
Golden Elixir Mysteries Pathway to Your Internal Priestess
Priestess Qigong Tai Chi Easy Alchemy

“When we live in a calm, balanced state, everything begins to fall into place.” Paula Branton