A Unique Approach to Stress Care and Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness

Welcome to our virtual workshop space, a place where your journey of discovering your true self begins. We’re here to help you understand the amazing unique energy you are, and how this knowledge can deeply enrich your life. We’ve created a welcoming haven of safety, where you won’t be judged; a sanctuary built on compassion. This is where you can uncover what truly nurtures you.

By learning about and managing your stress and energy, you’re taking steps toward finding inner healing and positive changes in your life. Imagine a life where you can handle stress, find emotional balance, enjoy restful sleep, and regain your vitality. All of this sets the stage for a life full of happiness, prosperity, joy, and ease.

Our services act as guiding lights that illuminate a nurturing holistic path showing you the way to manage stress, making better choices and taking care of your energy. We provide resources to boost your immune system and natural tools that unlock the incredible potential within each of us to build a foundation for overall well-being that remains strong through all seasons.

The natural tools you discover are like faithful companions with simple practices that support you through every part of your life. We meet you where you are and walk alongside you on your path. Let’s start this transformative journey together. Slow and steady wins the race; one healing step at a time and we invite you to take your first step here.


This is an opportunity to gain insights around stress care at your current stage of life and to ask questions to support your well-being.

YOUniversal Clear Lifestyle Inner Calm ‘Whole-Self Discovery Session’

An exploratory experience that unveils your inner gifts and treasures and awakens your inner knowing as a compass to guide you to know who you are and your purpose in life. This experience leads you towards a deeper connection within to awaken your Soul-Aligned Self and embrace wholeness and harmony.

Priestess Qigong Tai Chi Easy Movement Classes Online

Join us for calming, easy-to-learn, and fun-to-do movement classes where you access, clear, and rejuvenate your Life Force Energy (Chi) and embrace your feminine energy within. With practice, students say they feel relaxed and renewed. We love showing you how just a few classes can make an enormous difference in how you feel and function in life!

Refund Policy

Bear Mountain Qigong Farmacy LLC wants our clients to be happy, so we are transparent about our Refund Policy and how we run our business. We introduce our clients to alternative modalities and resources for their exploration and cultivation. We offer Custom, Confidential, and Copyright materials, Programs, and Resources.

Client Satisfaction is our Goal! What our clients say is extremely important to our business. Without client satisfaction, we would not have a business. That’s why Bear Mountain Qigong Farmacy LLC is so invested in ensuring clients are happy with all of our services.

We offer some service options on a Donation basis to accommodate as many clients as possible who are ready to embark on their transformation journey. We do not make claims or guarantee results. Results are cultivated through personal practice and consistent commitment over time. Clients claim to feel Relaxed and Renewed after each session. We are seriously dedicated to transforming lives and are humbled to walk alongside you as support to achieve inner calm and energy rejuvenation to feel better and to function with more ease daily!

There are No Refunds after a workshop, class, event, or session starts. We embrace your co-creation, cooperation, and understanding. If you have questions, contact us; we are happy to assist you!

Disclaimer: We are not doctors; we do not diagnose, treat, or cure; continue to see your medical professionals and take medications as prescribed. We ask that you let them know of any changes to your exercise or diet. Our support options do not replace your medical professional’s care and instructions. We are not Massage Therapists or Nutritionists; we do not advertise or represent ourselves as either. Our service options support your well-being and complement Western medicine.