Are you searching for a way out of stress and energy exhaustion? There is A Way out, by learning a “Way of Being.”

Are you aware that 75-90% of disease is preventable and is caused by Stress?
Did you know being stressed out depleted your immune system? With Covid this is the last thing you need!
Are you stressed? If you are I have solutions for you that are simple, safe, and easy to learn.

I am writing this blog to share one of my life experiences that helped me notice my way of being in my life that opened my awareness that I needed to De-Stress. I hope this inspires you to De-stress and understand your “Way of Being”. You may be asking yourself; what is a way of being and how is that helpful to me? In China a man named Lao Tzu wrote about Chinese ancient ways of being to share the wisdom from long ago on how our ancestors lived. The book is called “The Dao De Jing”, which means “The Way”. Each lesson is food for thought on how to live, it isn’t just a way to do things, it’s “a way of being”. My interpretation of “the way of being” is living in the present moment in a calm, relaxed state; your Energy levels are full and your Mind, Body and Spirit functions as One Optimally. My experience story is next.

I was an Office Manager for a small office in the town I lived in. My two boys were in school and it was a very busy time for my family. On my birthday I received a gift from a coworker. It was a small, wood plaque that said, “This isn’t Burger King, It is my way or the Highway”. We all laughed as if the gift was meant to be funny; however, it did make an impression on me that this was how I was coming across to her. I had to look at my way of doing things and how I was being perceived by my coworker. She was a sweet young lady that I think fondly of today. In myself discovery I can see how my strictness in trying to control my own life situations may have showed up in trying too hard to make sure all ran well at the office. At times I was stressed out and felt like I was running on empty.

Life is a balancing act where we have an opportunity to do self research of our experiences, evolving as we go, to learn life lessons so we can share with others when we reach our wisdom years. My life experiences and way of being discovery process inspired me to create programs that support you to become aware of “Your way of being”. It is possible to live in the present moment in a calm, relaxed state, and to refill your Energy levels to support your Mind, Body and Spirit to function as One optimally. My intention for sharing this is to inspire super busy woman trying to do it all, to learn an easy way to De-Stress and increase their energy to live the way they want to. How are you living? How are you showing up to others?

Sometimes we’re so busy we don’t even realize how we come across to others. At times we may be impatient, short, and snippy, all because we are so stressed out inside. Eventually all this stress comes out one way or the other. Often it comes out in a way towards others that we don’t honestly mean. Many women live chaotic lives and feel like they are in a pressure cooker about to explode; something has to give! There are simple, safe, and easy ways to manage your stress to help you let the pressure off in a better way so that you don’t explode on others. I had to learn this the hard way! So I’m passionate to help women learn these self-care tools so they don’t make the same mistakes that I did.

We do the best we can in the world we live in. Many people just don’t know what to do that can give them relief from their responsibilities and life stressors. Many of the energy tools I introduce can be done during the day without anyone knowing. When you learn these simple tools to manage stress and cultivate your energy, you will know how to turn on your internal medicine to support your healing when you need to.

This process takes a good look and acknowledges the way you are being now. With support and energy tools, you shift over time to a way that you want to be. There is a simple, manageable solution that can support you to feel and function better to live the life you want to. Everything is shift-able; you lighten up to live with more ease and happiness to enjoy your life. Stress increases your cortisol hormone known as the silent killer. You are worth it, if you think you don’t have time to do anything else; think again; the truth is you don’t have time not to do whatever it takes to learn to manage your stress. I wrote this as a wake call to those of you that need this information now. You know who you are; if this is speaking to you; visit my website at to explore the support options available to start your personal energy evolution to manage your stress today!

Love and Peaceful Qi,
Energy Evolution Life Specialist
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