To me, Qigong is not a religion.

Many people do not understand energy work and think it might be a religion; to me it is not. Every human being has to breath, eat, and move to survive. Qigong is a way to do these things so that you feel and function at your best. In China, Qigong has been practiced for 5,000 years and is still practiced today. It’s an ancient Chinese health care system to live a nourishing life (Yang Shen); that integrates slow physical movements, slow breathing techniques and mental awareness. Science says everything is energy; we all have life force energy moving through us and around us; in China it’s called Chi or Qi, in Japan it’s called Ki, in India it’s called Prana; different names for the same thing.

Qi, Ki, Prana, means energy or life force energy; Gong or Kung, means work or cultivation; Qigong is energy work or energy cultivation. This easy, safe, and simple practice is powerful and may turn out to be the best preventative self-care practice for our future per Dr. Roger Jahnke DOM. Qigong could be considered free life insurance that boosts your immune system daily. Qigong brings you to a calm state of being to feel peaceful so you can keep your immune system strong to experience good health, happiness and joy in your life. Qigong can be practiced by people of all ages and physical abilities; it can be done standing, sitting or lying down.

Some people refer to Qigong as a moving meditation or dancing with Qi due to you calm your mind, slow down your breathing and move slow and gently. Qigong slows down your body functions; it calms everything inside yourself which relaxes internal restriction. In a Qigong relaxed state of being, your arteries open more creating more blood flow for better circulation, more relaxed blood flow decreases blood pressure. The lymph system opens and creates better body fluid flow.The meridians open to create better body energy flow. Your lungs and air pathways open so you can breathe deeper to oxygenate all your organs, oxygen flows throughout your whole body system better. Did you know that disease can’t live in an oxygenated state? The more oxygen the better, and when we breathe slower we live longer. When you have less restriction in your digestive tract, your digestion improves. When you remove tension and restriction from your internal body system everything opens and flows better; you begin to feel and function better.

Science says everything is energy that vibrates at different levels. Rocks are very dense and vibrate slowly; music vibrations can’t be seen and vibrate very fast. We are energy vibrating as our physical body forms. There are ions that pulse throughout our bodies per Dr. Roper Jahnke DOM. Some say they can feel a subtle electrical tingling in their body or hands after practicing Qigong. Through a daily practice of Qigong, you bring yourself into this relaxed state so that over time you cultivate this energy. You become aware of how you feel inside to manage your stress levels and gain the many other benefits of practicing Qigong.

In human history, our ancestors looked to the stars and followed nature’s seasons to survive; they were instinctively connected to the pulse of life and they felt connected to it all, as well as something greater than themselves. Some say when they are in a Qigong relaxed state of being they feel closer to the Divine or whatever name that’s right for you. This is probably because you’re releasing yourself from your ordinary reality in these moments; you bring yourself to a reverent, calm state of being. So it makes perfect sense that you would feel your connection to your belief system during these practices. However this has nothing to do with your belief or religion. So rather you have a belief system or not, you can still benefit from these simply practices. You’re simply doing what you need to do to survive; eat, breathe and move, but in a more efficient way to support your whole body well-being.

Qigong is a self awareness practice, when you slow down and tune into your body you begin to notice and feel things. You learn how to slow down your breathing and to relax tension in your body through stretching and slow body movements. To me, Qigong is not a religion. It’s a way to live your life and can be practiced by everyone no matter what your belief system. These techniques keep you functioning optimally, you feel better to enjoy life more. Why would you not want to learn these things? I hope you have a better understanding of working with energy and why it would benefit you to learn Qigong practices. Visit our Workshops page at to learn more about Qigong and how to manage your stress, to energize yourself, to feel and function better today!

Love and Peaceful Qi,
Energy Evolution Life Specialist
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